“I’m Chinese. It is my right to break the law”

With a title like that, you know the post is going to be interesting. And it is. A brilliant piece of photojournalism, and a heart-warming testament to China’s refusing to kowtow to the laowai barbarians. One of their very best posts ever.

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Hee! Boy, even twenty-some years after living in China, I totally get where that woman is coming from. Good for her! And she’s also standing up for Chinese bicyclists everywhere.

Plus that guy is sooo pathetic.

November 4, 2006 @ 5:51 pm | Comment

A couple years ago I went one step further with a similar buzzcut-boy in Beijing: I whacked his car with my umbrella and put a dent in it.

He shouted about it, but as I walked away he didn’t come after me. I guess he figured out that if I could put a dent in his car, then his skin would be even easier….

November 4, 2006 @ 5:56 pm | Comment

I clicked on the link to the Chinese OP in the TTC post and found that the initial picture, missing from TTC, showed more than one bicycle in the path. The comments were varied. Some Chinese felt that the man had lost face while others angrily denounced the woman as arrogant for telling Chinese how to act in their own country. They claimed she must be English, American, or some other Westerner to act so arrogantly. A further Chinese poster chided these critics for making assumptions. Finally, someone asked, “If the woman were Chinese, would the photographer have taken these photos?” and the photographer’s response was “yes.”

November 4, 2006 @ 7:29 pm | Comment

The national thesis in China calls for breaking the law.

They lie, cheat, and steal and take any patent protection and throw it out the window. The will copy anything and steal any work done by another nation.

It is the Chinese way. China is the greatest copycat nation that has ever existed. They may graduate more engineers but the quality of these folks is less than par. Thus they must steal all the technolgy they can. China is a false nation with false accomplishments. They even had to look to the West to find communism. The largest nation on earth was not even capable of inventing its own political and social ideology…

November 5, 2006 @ 3:24 am | Comment

I really admired that woman, doubly in that she looked like someone who need not bike, but chose to. Good for her for standing up to a jerk.

A jerk is a jerk, no matter the nationality – a condition unavoidably amplified when behind a wheel.

November 7, 2006 @ 1:23 am | Comment

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