40th Anniversary

..of the scariest social experiment of all time. This is an amazing article for those with the fortitude to suffer through the whole thing.

The Discussion: One Comment

Over a quarter of a century has passed, and from our present perspective it is irrelevant whether or not the founders of the Red Guards killed people, or smashed and looted and destroyed things. The heavy cross that we bear has been imposed upon us as a matter of political expediency, and we are carrying the weight of other criminals.

It’s amazing that this quote really brings home why things are they way they are. When people are absolutely convinced that their way is the right way, no matter what, then bad things happen. Kind of like George Bush feeling that he has divine inspiration, if not divine right, to govern. Those close to him talk about how he actually believes that stuff he says and I think that that makes it even scarier.

Could I be wrong in my view of the world at large and China, in particular? Certainly. I would like to be able to continue to access a forum like this one to have real and intelligent discourse about issues and ideas and hopefully gain a better understanding of the nature of things.

I feel very sad, however, for the person from whom this quote was taken. It sounds like petty denial by someone who admits to being part of the one of the worst events in human history.

August 20, 2006 @ 8:51 am | Comment

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