Joseph Bosco: A different take on Philip Cunningham

Everyone here knows Joseph Bosco is a good friend of mine, which doesn’t mean we always see eye to eye. (We have different opinions about the CCP, for example.) But part of being someone’s friend is to not allow such disagreements to ruin what’s at the heart of the friendship – respect, trust and admiration. So I invite all readers to head over to Joseph’s site to read his defense of Philip Cunningham and to be open-minded to Joseph’s argument. Most of you know I find Cunningham articulate and smart (to say the very least). I also think he tends too often to deflect criticism of China and change the subject to the US. Like Cunningham, I am a proud liberal. But being a liberal doesn’t only mean criticizing America. I am an equal opportunity critic of any country that represses its people, of any country that sets up a Gitmo or that imprisons Hao Wu. Go read Joseph’s take on the subject and leave a comment. (For whatever reason, Cunningham seems to be a bit of a lightning rod for both sides, so you can expect some pointed arguments.)

The Discussion: One Comment

Dear Richard,

We are indeed dear friends, nothing I might reflexively say or write can possibly ever change that. Thank you for your so very polite manner of disagreeing with me. My only tad of chagrin at the moment is that you write so much better than I do ๐Ÿ™‚ !

I came out of the “bunker” I placed myself in regarding comments on my site on the Chinapol vs. Phil Cunningham story, to respond to your insightful comment.

By the way, Ellen is doing well in New York; we are in contact often. She will surely read this since she is one of your greatest admirers on the planet–I would choose to say that I should hold that position, but, again, the lovely Blue-eyed Hippie Princess I married, will win the day!

All the very best, my dear friend,


July 6, 2006 @ 4:02 am | Comment

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