China and Team Sports

Interesting observations on why Chinese athletes perform so well when it comes to gymnastics and diving, and not so well when it comes to soccer and baseball.

The Discussion: One Comment

I’ve always wondered why Chinese athletes seem to be so good at individual sports and bad at team sports myself because it seems so opposite to communism.

I can’t say I agree with what the guy says, but this one point I have to question for sure.

“Individual sports seem to benefit more from the Soviet style ?gsport machine?h system of producing athletes. Which is why China, like the former Eastern Bloc countries, produces great gymnasts (Chinese people just aren?ft quite as well cut-out for weightlifting as the Russians). But that system doesn?ft seem to work for team sports.”

Don’t forget the Russian hockey team that was the best team of it’s age (probably in the history of time) and could only be beaten by the US when the most definite best goalie in the history of time was taken out for his horrible sin of actually giving up a single goal.

July 3, 2006 @ 6:11 am | Comment

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