Zarqawi dead (?)

That’s what they say. Maybe this is the great turning point (like the taking of Baghdad, the capture of Saddam, the new elections, the new constitution, the new government, the new new government, etc., etc.) that’ll launch us to victory.

In any case, I’m glad the fucker is dead. Good riddance. A shame we didn’t do it years ago when we had plenty of opportunities.

The Discussion: One Comment

Interesting to speculate why this phoney creation has been killed off now. Zarqawi was a convenient bogeyman, so Cheney and Rumsfeld could blame foreign elements and al Qaeda for what was going on in Iraq. Maybe they’ve realised that there is no longer any credibility in blaming a single foreign individual for the widespread bloodshed and terror in the country. And the picture of the slain “Zarqawi” looks like a Hollywood makeup artist’s version of a casualty: the smear of blood on his cheek, serenely closed eyes. When you’re hit by a thousand pounds of explosives you don’t look so pretty. Perhaps they’ll be serving up Bin Laden next.

June 9, 2006 @ 5:38 pm | Comment

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