Thomas Friedman on diversity: A Well of Smiths and Xias

Friedman on the importance of immigrants in America, and what foreign students bring to our education system. But before we get to Friedman’s article, I’d like to encourage you to visit a blog post (which recently won high praise from black bigot La Shawn Barber) offering a set of 20 suggestions for ending America’s woes. They read like the Nuremberg Laws, and here’s one example, related to Friedman’s piece:

(16) Tourists from other nations are quite welcome for limited periods, as are businessmen. I would suggest we no longer take students from other nations, as I see no point in giving away our technologies and knowledge to our competitors. Our citizens are free to welcome these tourists and visitors, but they should understand that if they wish to marry them they will have to renounce citizenship and leave the country to do so. If they have a child with these visitors, they will be required to leave. Birthright citizenship will be abolished; only a child of two citizen parents will automatically be a citizen.

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This is what we’re up against. I’ll take Friedman’s philosophy on this topic anytime. Read on:

A Well of Smiths and Xias
Published: June 7, 2006

Muhammad Waqar, Avi Wolfman-Arent, Yiran Xia, Victoria Sandoval, Jacqueline Orellana-Flores, Elizabeth Packer, Ramona Singh, Anuja Shah, Mayra Ramos, Emily-Kate Hannapel, Natasha Perez, Samir Paul, Ekta Taneja, Linden Vongsathorn, Michael Tsai, Nardos Teklebrahan, Matiwos Wondwosen …

I went to a high school graduation Monday and a United Nations meeting broke out.

The commencement was my daughter Natalie’s, the high school was Montgomery Blair in Silver Spring, Md. There were some 700 kids receiving their diplomas, and as I sat there for two hours listening to each one’s name pronounced, I became both fascinated and touched by the stunning diversity — race, religion, ethnicity — of the graduating class. I knew my daughter’s school was diverse, but I had no idea it was this diverse.

The names above, which I just pulled from the graduation book, were typical of her entire class, which included exactly five people named “Smith.” In my high school in Minnesota it seemed like there were only five people not named “Smith.”

My daughter told me that the names in her class can be so difficult to pronounce that for graduation the school had all the students write their names phonetically on a card so the announcer would not mangle them in front of family and friends.

There is a lot to be worried about in America today: a war in Iraq that is getting worse not better, an administration whose fiscal irresponsibility we will be paying for for a long time, an education system that is not producing enough young Americans skilled in math and science, and inner cities where way too many black males are failing. We must work harder and get smarter if we want to maintain our standard of living.

But if there is one reason to still be optimistic about America it is represented by the stunning diversity of the Montgomery Blair class of 2006. America is still the world’s greatest human magnet. We are not the only country that embraces diversity, but there is something about our free society and free market that still attracts people like no other. Our greatest asset is our ability to still cream off not only the first-round intellectual draft choices from around the world but the low-skilled-high-aspiring ones as well, and that is the main reason that I am not yet ready to cede the 21st century to China. Our Chinese will still beat their Chinese.

This influx of brainy and brawny immigrants is our oil well — one that never runs dry. It is an endless source of renewable human energy and creativity. Congress ought to stop debating gay marriage and finally give us a framework to maintain a free flow of legal immigration.

What is so striking about Blair is that it is just a neighborhood public high school. It was not designed to be diverse. Yes, it has some magnet programs, but for the most part it just reflects its surroundings — about one-third black, one-third Hispanic and one-third Noah’s Ark of everyone else.

As I mingled with the other parents afterward, waiting for our kids to emerge from the ceremony, I found myself at one point surrounded by families in which no one was speaking English.

The only familiar voice that came through the din was one that made me laugh — an African-American mom, gripping her child’s diploma, saying: “This diploma is mine! I’m keeping this!” She said she had worked as hard as her kid for this day. Bless her heart, as I am sure she spoke for many parents.

It is hard to watch a graduation like this and not think about our enemies in Iraq and Afghanistan — the Taliban, Islamo-totalitarians like bin Laden and Zarqawi, and the retrograde regimes that support them. Their whole mind-set is about how to purify their world from “the other,” from diversity, from “infidels.” With enough brutality, they may win in Iraq. I still hope not.

But they will never win the future — because as soon as their oil wells run dry, their societies will be as barren, bland and unproductive as their deserts.

Our oil wells, by contrast, will still be pumping. They’re right there, hiding in plain sight, in the Blair commencement book:

Yueyang Li, Kenia Lopez-Reyes, Lucy Fromyer, Raya Steinberg, Zahra Gordon, Sreva Ghosh, Juan-Jesus Louis, Yendil Furcal, Yenusa Eke, Sofonias Frezghi, Yohanes Dejen, Edra Comegys-Brisbane, Yoel Castillio-Ortiz, Elijah Zuares, Placido Zelaya, Mimi Zou. And Jessica Smith.

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No students from other nations?! Holy crap! That’s racist, prejudiced and…STOOPID!

June 6, 2006 @ 11:27 pm | Comment

Friedman has zero credibility with me. But, good God, “La Shawn Barber” has even less. Consider this one proposition of his:

“…only a child of two citizen parents will automatically be a citizen.”

Um, hey Mr Barber, NUMBNUTS: if every country followed that policy, then the children of ANY and ALL parents who are citizens of different countries, would be stateless.


June 7, 2006 @ 12:00 am | Comment

Friedman has zero credibility with me. But, good God, “La Shawn Barber” has even less. Consider this one proposition of his:

“…only a child of two citizen parents will automatically be a citizen.”

Um, hey Mr Barber, NUMBNUTS: if every country followed that policy, then the children of ANY and ALL parents who are citizens of different countries, would be stateless.


June 7, 2006 @ 12:01 am | Comment

AND one more thing: This moron Mr Barber is BLACK? He’s BLACK, and yet he DARES to suggest changing the American law of citizenship by birth?

Does he have ANY idea of the reason WHY that law was made? It’s the 14th amendment of the Constitution. And it was adopted shortly after the Civil War, precisely to settle the question of whether former slaves were American citizens.

Mr Barber’s own citizenship is a direct consequence of that law.

June 7, 2006 @ 12:13 am | Comment

Stoopid knows no color, Ivan.

Nor, apparently, does “dumb as a bag of rocks.”

June 7, 2006 @ 12:15 am | Comment

Actually, La Shawn Barber purports to be a woman – but I hear they’re still running tests. I suspect the movie Species was based on her.

Note that the excerpt I cited was not written by Barber – it was Barber who endorsed and publicized it.

June 7, 2006 @ 12:24 am | Comment

Stoopid knows no colour: Heh, coincidentally, just earlier today I stumbled across a DVD of the documentary, “Idi Amin Dada (A Self Portrait)” made around 1976, where the camera just runs while he talks on and on…

…”de, de WOMANS must be good in de house, yes?
Dey must be awake at 5 AM, for de house, yes. And you must not be weak like de woman…”

…hm, reminds me of Conrad….

(sorry guys, I’m just cranky this week)

June 7, 2006 @ 12:40 am | Comment

If you can bear to read all the way through Mr Western Survival’s screed, you’ll see that he is a racist who seriously believes that all of the US’s problems will be solved by expelling all non-whites and liberals, restoring gold as legal tender, abolishing all liberal, pinko, politically-correct government programs, school curricula, etc, and returning to a mythical golden age of rugged, manly, self-sufficient and 100 per cent white citizens.

June 7, 2006 @ 12:56 pm | Comment

Who is this “Western Survival” guy and why should I care?

Again I ask – why do we get all bent out of shape over some Idaho backwater blogger who’s still pissed because he couldn’t get a date to the prom back in 1988?

June 7, 2006 @ 2:42 pm | Comment

Because a mega-blogger, Le Shawn, launched him to prominence.

June 7, 2006 @ 5:55 pm | Comment

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