Babies for sale on China eBay?

It could just be a hoax. But it wouldn’t surprise me if it turned out to be true.

Police are investigating an offer of babies for sale on the website of the Chinese operation of the e-Bay online auction company.

The advertisement offered baby boys for £2,000 and girls for £900. They supposedly came from Henan, China’s most populous, poor and socially troubled province. Delivery was promised within 100 days.

“Our aim is to send good news to the thousands of couples around the country who are unable to have children,” it said, according to the Shanghai Morning Post, which was alerted by a reader.

The advertisement was posted on Sunday on Eachnet, a firm started by two Chinese graduates and bought by eBay in 2003. It was “browsed” 50 times, but attracted only one inquiry and no sales, according to the company.

Do they ship it to the winning bidder via FedEx?

[Thanks to Keir for the tip.]

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