Sun Zhigang redux?

A horrifying story of death in a Chinese drug rehabilitation facility, with disconcerting echoes of Sun’s murder in 2003. It’s a shocker on more than one level – not just the inanity of the rehabilitation program (which boasts a 99 percent failure rate and is marked by torture) but the vulnerability of anyone who falls under the control of a corrupt warden.

The article clearly suggests the state cover-up is already well underway. Let’s hope that, as with Sun, the outrage expressed on the Internet makes a difference.

The Discussion: One Comment

Thanks to both Gordon (Horse’s Mouth) and Richard for covering this horrific story. Again, like the dreadful case of Sun Zhigang, this story demands all the attention the blogs can give it.

Unfortunately, I just checked through today’s Southern Metropolitan News (南方都市报) and there’s nothing about the incident.

Obviously the SMN courageously broke the story of Sun Zhigang.

I translated the SCMP article earlier and emailed it to the SMN editorial team (the ones not in prison at the moment that is) so even if they choose not to cover it, at least they definitely know about it. I also mailed the translation to a Beijing Youth Daily journo and friend of mine. Fingers crossed.

If anything appears, I’ll provide translations of whatever is reported.

August 4, 2005 @ 12:26 pm | Comment

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