Former FLG persecutor wins Oz protection visa

It’s certainly been a good month for our friends in the FLG, who can now celebrate the successful defection of another Chinese official who was once dedicated to wiping them out. Now, like Chen Yonglin, Hao Fengjun is their hero.

A former police officer in China’s Gestapo-like “610 office”, which detained and persecuted Falun Gong members, has been granted a protection visa by the Australian Government.

Hao Fengjun fled China in February after being detained for 20 days for speaking out against the torture of Falun Gong practitioners.

He arrived in Australia as a tourist and sought asylum after producing a file of sensitive material downloaded from his work computer.

Mr Hao, 32, was employed by the notorious 610 office — which China refuses to admit exists — to collect and analyse information from operatives spying on Falun Gong and pro-democracy advocates and dissidents overseas.

“I’ve come to Australia with all these secret documents in order to expose the truth in China to Australia and to the world,” Mr Hao told a Senate inquiry last week.

His lawyer, former ACT attorney-general Bernard Collaery, said Mr Hao’s documents showed “near-paranoid” global surveillance and countermeasure activity directed at 14 “evil cults”, including Falun Gong and most Christian groups.

“It’s been enormously valuable in giving us credible information on the focus of the 610 office and the overall objective of state control of perceived dissident activity globally,” Mr Collaery told The Age.

He criticised the Government for granting protection visas to Mr Hao and diplomatic defector Chen Yonglin only after they took their claims of espionage by Chinese operatives in Australia to the media.

“These guys shouldn’t have to go public (and) risk further retribution on their families in China,” Mr Collaery said.

He accused the Australian Government of being more interested in trade than human rights and said Australian intelligence agencies had failed to take proper advantage of the material provided by defectors.

The evil cult must be dancing (or exercising) in the streets. It’s as though they’ve been handed $10 million worth of free public relations, and an endless flow of negative material they can use to embarrass and assail the CCP. Hu must be mighty annoyed.

Oh, the other recipient of free publicity is Australia — bad, bad publicity. I wonder if they have any idea how much damage has been done to their reputation over the past few weeks. People who had no idea about Australia’s obscene immigration policies now know only too well; the Chen story catapulted it to the front pages and to the blogs. Let’s hope the free publicity makes a difference.

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From many Australians’ point of view, we are glad that the corrupt behaviour of DIMIA and other related government departments and personnels are at last taken to task for their incompetence and bureacratic management style. It is regretable that this kind of bad publicity is affecting the international image of Australia. But what can I say – I voted for Labor and the Greens!

August 3, 2005 @ 8:54 pm | Comment

Richard, you’ve been listening to a little too much hostile propaganda. There are certainly problems with DIMIA, and I am one of the first to describe how incompetent they can be … but “obscene immigration policies”??? Huh? The only way you could come to describe them like that, is if you’ve been listening to reports from some pretty scewed sources.

August 4, 2005 @ 8:38 am | Comment

FSN9, I read the articles about young children kept behind razor wire for many months. I can list scores of articles about complaints against the tratment of refugees in Australia — are they wrong? I’m being serious; they could be slanted or incorrect, but they are mainly from Australian newspapers and wire services. Either way, Australia’s immigration policies have received incredibly bad PR in recent months.

August 4, 2005 @ 8:41 am | Comment

Now gents, let’s focus on that which is really important on this site–hating China.

(is there a Chinese word for ‘tongue-in-cheek?’)

August 4, 2005 @ 10:23 am | Comment

shit Chen’s lecture in Melboune University end up embarrasment for Chen!! well done, real Chinese!!

see below writing by some people went to the lecture.

To all those Chinese students there, particularly those who protested Chen’
s lies and raised smart questions, you have my salute!

It is a great occasion for the Chinese to show their national pride and our love to the country. It is a great chance to disclose Chen’s lies.

During the lecture, Chen was interrupted for several times because of the protest from Chinese students. Although some audience except Chinese there did support him, they must at least sense somethings as lies in Chen’s allegations, ad they also learned Chinese people are united.

Great guys with great questions. It is a pity that I didnot get a chance to comment although¡¡I raised my hand. Anyway I warned him personally that he should behave him and ¸ø×Ô¼ºÁôÌõºó·.

½ñÌì¿ÉÖ^ÊÇ´ó¿ìÈËÐÄÁË©oСê?½ñáᑪԓ•þÃ÷°××Ô¼ºß^½ÖÀÏÊóµÄµØλÁË©o»ù±¾ÉÏÌᆖȫÊÇÁRËûµÄ©oÖ»ÒªËûÕfÔ’¾ÍÊLJu•һƬ©oŽ×‚€·´ÈA·Ö×ÓºÍÍâ‡øÈË„‚é_ʼ߀¸ÒŒ¦ÎÒ‚ƒŒWÉúº°shut up©oáá?í¿´µ½ÈËÐÄÏò±³Ò²²»¸Ò֧•ÁË¡£ ëyÍürmitµÄG¸çÁx‘?Ìîâß©oÅ­³âê?ÓÃÁÖ©o¸ÐÇ鼤„Ó¾¹ÖÁëpÄ¿·º¼t©oÒ»Åe´òÏÂÁË”¡î?‚ƒµÄšâÑæ©oÈ»ÅÑͽ¾¹ÐÅ¿Ú´ÆüS©oÖ¸ÆäžéÖй²©oÕ_ÆäÔøÍþÃ{Ëû©oÖeÑÔ?ˆ¿Ú¼´?í©oÕæÊÇŸo?uÖ®ÓÈ¡£ ¸üëyÍü×øÎÒÉíááµÄ´ó¸ç©oÅ­³âê?Ö®Ÿo?uÐÐ?½¾¹±»Æ«ÐĵÄÖ÷³ÖÈËÒªÇóëxˆö©o×ßµ½éT¿Úºö„һ•´óº°¡°I love my country”, Ô’Òô„‚Âä©oÕÆ•È籩ïLóEÓê°ãϯ¾íÈ«ˆö©o´ËÇé´Ë¾³©oÕæÊǸÐÈËÖÁÉî¡£ ÖÁÓÚÄÇЩÛxÜSÅe×ŘËÕZÌÓÕn¶ø?íµÄСŮÉú©oÄÇλœÊ‚䆖î}ÖÁÍíÉσÉücµÄ·¨ÂÉϵ´ó¸ç©o?ÄgeelongßhµÀ¶ø?í×ÔŽ§˜ËÕZµÄŽ›¸ç©o·€Öضø²»Ê§¼âäJµÄ´óŒWÀÏŽŸ©o Ä¿Ö®ËùÒŠ©oµ½ÌŽÊÇһǻŸáѪµÄͬ°û©ožéÁËÒ»îw?Û‡øÐÄ©oÏà¾ÛÓÚ´óÑó±Ë°¶¡£ Ö÷³ÖÈËßBücÊ®”µÈË©oÈ«ÊÇŒ¦ê?µÄ‘?Å­Ù|†–©o”µÃû·´„Ó·Ö×ÓÒŠ´Ë´ó„Ý©o¾¹²»¸Ò°lÒ»ÑÔ¡£½KÆäÑÝÖv©oÅÑͽ›]ÓЎ׾äÔ’ÊÇ›]±»‡uµÄ©o×î½KŸoÄÎÌáÇ°½YÊøÁËËû?ºÐĵÃÑÝÖv¡£


August 5, 2005 @ 3:02 pm | Comment

So funny to hear you talk about Chen’s dishonesty when you post here as Ko, Hu, Mi and Sing. Obviously mainland Chinese have been brainwashed to see Chen as a traitor. Not surprising. To everyone else, he is a great hero.

August 5, 2005 @ 3:06 pm | Comment

I can post what ever name I can post, and I know you know my ID. so they are all my ID. so what? save your energy to write some ” to Chinese readers”, it is lacking sincerenity, as basically this is a anti-CHina site. believe anything that is anti-china, and don’t care about the real truth. I think you can reveal your true identity, and you can do a lecture like Chen did, and I’m sure you will get equal “welcome” as Chen received in Melboune. I wonder why you spend your energy so much hating China for? are you got paid by F L G or TaiDu?

August 5, 2005 @ 3:18 pm | Comment

I don’t like the Falun Gong. And this site never quotes the Epoch Times, only objective sources.

August 5, 2005 @ 3:22 pm | Comment

then I think you may belong to some sort of anti-china force, you site may be financially supported by some sort of anti-china organization.
hum, strange, why spend so much time and effort to hate CHina? do you have a regular job?

August 5, 2005 @ 3:29 pm | Comment

I’m a freelance writer at the moment, and have a lot of time because I am between jobs, as the other readers know.

I hate China so much I will be visiting there in a few weeks. I will not, however, be visting the CCP. Like China, dislike CCP. Write that down and maybe you will start understanding this site a little better. Right now you are totally ignorant.

August 5, 2005 @ 3:40 pm | Comment

I think you are the one who is totally
ignorant!! CCP what? you still don’t get it? CCP=CHinese government!!!
I really feel sorry for you!! you hate Chinese government, it is same thing as hating China!!! my GOd, what kind of deep poison you got. the way you talk about hating CCP really really similar to F L G, TaiDu or anti-China force.

August 5, 2005 @ 3:56 pm | Comment

you will not visiting CCP? CCP is something you can visit? you make me laugh, at the same time feel sorry for you. I really don’t know what to say to you! you are totally ignorant, you are living in your own imaginary fantacy world!!

August 5, 2005 @ 3:59 pm | Comment

Ko, you can’t visit the CCP because they don’t have a central office, like the US Congress. And besides, they didn;t invite me to visit them

Keep commenting, you prove my point about brainwashing and the angry generation of nationalists. Best regards.

August 5, 2005 @ 4:03 pm | Comment

To your earlier post: I am an American. I love my country and my people. I am one of them. I hate my current government and criticize them even more than the CCP. I see this as a sign of TRULY loving your country: when you care enough to criticize it and admit it is failing.

August 5, 2005 @ 4:05 pm | Comment

I love my country.,and I do criticize the Chinese government too ( hey, CCP=CHinese government), but they are generally doing a good job lately in term of improving people’s living standard, making China an even successful country. the do have weakness just like every other governments in the world. the problem with this site is everything about CHinese government (you say CCP) is all bad, this is far from truth.
and makes me wonder this is truely some sort of anti-CHina site and supported by anti-CHina organization.

August 5, 2005 @ 4:21 pm | Comment

I wish it were supported by some organization – I could sure use the money!

Two words for you: Human rights.

Also corruption.

And the misery of so many of the oppressed who are not enjoying the advantages. Also, the CCP didn’t create the new wealth, the Chinese people did. The CCP only takes it away with its system of bribes and corruption.

August 5, 2005 @ 4:34 pm | Comment

Richard, you lovely American.
you makes my laugh. so where you get these infomation from? how you are so sure what you believe is truth?

August 5, 2005 @ 4:57 pm | Comment

As an Australian I am firmly against Chinese using the Falun Gong as yet another excuse to get a free ticket into our country. Next will come his family and all will benefit from Australia’s wonderful welfare system as they situate themselves in Chinese ghettos. Some Chinese will use any excuse.

August 6, 2005 @ 9:12 am | Comment

Charonnay Socialist:

I totally agree with you. but your government have let liar Chen, Hao in
who used FLG as excuses, now I believe there will be more unqualified CHinese who use FLG as excuse to get into your beautiful country. there will be more defectors whatever. There were this kind of people in the past, there will be this kind of people in the future. CHina has 1.3 billion people, we really don’t mind export as many as possible our low class people.
your government has opened the flood gate and brought trouble to themselves.
To my surprise, even Australian police have proven Chen’s allegation are lies, your country still let Hao in, what can I say?

August 6, 2005 @ 7:27 pm | Comment

I have never seen Chen’s allegations proved to be “lies.” Where did you see this? Chen is a great hero for the Chinese people.

August 6, 2005 @ 7:55 pm | Comment


It seems you are doing selective memory. I have copy pasted Australian’s news Sydney Morning Harold article to you, it was a full page article about Australian police found Chen’s allegation as ” wothout substance”. by the way, if you paint liar Chen as Hero, you are really insulting your CHinese reader!!

August 6, 2005 @ 10:54 pm | Comment

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