Annals of the Age of Orwell

Horse’s Mouth has a good post on the idiocies of the new & improved Patriot Act, which flagrantly violates our fourth amendment rights. Sample:

Wake the fuck up people!

How can we talk about fighting for freedom in other countries when we sit idly by and hand it over in our own? This isn’t a right or left wing issue either, they’re non-partisan when it comes to spending your money or trampling on your rights and we can’t put all the blame on our politicians because unlike other countries such as China, we are the ones directly responsible for putting them into office.

Maybe one day the Chinese people will actually be the ones rallying to bring freedom back to America.

To me, the supreme irony is how they wrap crap like this around a bill called the Patriot Act, validating George Orwell’s vision of the perversion and propagandization of the language. When I read about the proposed “Freedom Tower,” I literally cringe. Are we crazy? Why not just call it the Ministry of Love and get on with it?

The Discussion: One Comment

Lots of people here in the mainland have mentioned the Patriot Act to me, particularly when discussing any kid of human rigths issues. I can only assume that the act is well publicised in the Chines press (to demonstrate American hypocracy?).

I’m British (and pretty pro-American in a non-Bush kind of way) so I don’t know everything about the act but from what I’ve read it’s harsh and draconian. Pretty similar to the way Putin is erroding freedoms in Russia.

June 8, 2005 @ 12:54 pm | Comment

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