“One parking lot, under God…”

It hurts to read stuff like this:

The Bush administration today issued rules that would open up almost 60 million acres of U.S. forestland to road construction, logging and other commercial purposes. States will have 18 months to protest the changes.

The Agriculture Department, which announced the change, said the guidelines should help resolve a debate that’s raged for 40 years, since the Wilderness Act directed the government to determine which areas of national forests should be preserved.

The rule reverses regulations put in place under President Bill Clinton that banned road building on about 58.5 million of the about 192 million acres of forest and grassland managed by the U.S. Forest Service. Two courts ruled against the Clinton road ban in 2001, the same year it was issued. Critics say the Bush rule puts business interests ahead of the environment.

“The Bush administration is once again selling out to the logging and timber industry instead of siding with the American people, who want to protect our last wild forests,” said Deb Callahan, president of the League of Conservation Voters, a nonprofit group that promotes pro-environment laws and policies.

Via Skippy. Read the entire post to get up to speed on other Bush atrocities against the environment.

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Jillian, it is mutual. You’ve been at the top of my list since I first discovered what a blog was.

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“One parking lot, under God…”

In a as-you-will sort of way:…

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