Eleanor Clift on the death of her husband

I know, it’s not China-related, but Eleanor Clift is one of my heroes, a member of my top-ten list of most brilliant pundits, and her tribute to her husband Tom who passed away last week is unbelievably moving. To think that for weeks she argued (beautifully)about the Terri Schiavo case without once mentioning her personal tragedy — suffice it to say that I hold her in the highest regard, and although I don’t believe in God my prayers are with her. (Even agnoistics can pray, in their own Godless way.)

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You called her one of your heroes. In which way do you admire her? I don’t know much about her except that she is a Republican.

Who are the rest of the top 10 pundits in your list? Andrew Sullivan is one of your top 10, right?

April 5, 2005 @ 12:15 am | Comment

Eleanor Clift is a true liberal and a Democrat. Where did you hear she is a Republican?

Other favorites: EJ Dionne, Peter Beinart, Robert Kaplan, and many others. They tend tyo alternate. Sullivan is not one of my favorites; he swings from dreadful to excellent.

April 5, 2005 @ 7:39 am | Comment


Sorry, I really don’t know much about her or the other three people above. I think Sullivan is a great writer from the several articles I read.

April 5, 2005 @ 9:32 am | Comment

Sullivan is a great writer, but he can also be a fucktard. No one was more pro-Iraq war than he was. On social issues, he’s great. But for two years he was George W. Bush’s attack dog, so I can never have true respect for him again.

April 5, 2005 @ 10:03 am | Comment

Now I know why I thought she’s a Republican. I had her in Mclaughlin group mixed up with Bay Buchanan in Crossfire. My apology to Eleanor, she is actually much prettier than Bay.

April 5, 2005 @ 11:32 am | Comment

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