Xiao Qiang talk to NPR on China’s media blackout of Zhao’s death

Fellow blogger and director of the director of the Berkeley China Internet Project Xiao Qiang tells how China is attempting to suppress any discussion of Zhao’s passing in both the mainstream media and over the Internet. Most interestingly, he tells how creative bloggers and forum participants are getting around the censorship. Xiao also talks briefly of his own participation in the fun and games of June 1989.

The Discussion: One Comment

It is good to see that some Chinese in HK are willing to fight the good fight. Apparently, some democratic members of the HK legislature honored Zhao’s passing and cause some commotion and a walk out by the Beijing “sell-outs.”

On another issue, I have had word
that this site has been blocked in Guangzhou.. A proxy was used to get to the Duck earlier today.

January 20, 2005 @ 12:45 am | Comment

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