Yet another article on Chinese toilets

This one is quite amusing. My favorite line:

Much has changed since Chairman Mao sneaked out of his living room in post-civil war Beijing to defecate beside the swimming pool in his new residence.

What an image.

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This is a fun article to read.
My first experience in chinese toilets (summer 1998, 1st time ever in China) was quiet memorable: no light, no running water, could barely breathe and of course no doors… as i was squatting, u know, doing my thing, this old chinese woman walked in and stood in front of me, staring at me in the eyes(!!!) the whole time while undoing her pants. I found the situation so…unbelievable that i didn’t know if i wanted to laugh or cry.

Now i live in Beijing and not a week goes by that i don’t find a funny situation involving squat latrines. From the ” please no shit” , “pissing only” signs in Houhai bars to the latrines in the gym i go to: the 1st time i walked in the bathroom of the gym i was absolutely traumatized by the fact that if i wanted to pee ( these are “pissing only” latrines as well) i had to squat down in front of all the ladies that were showering. No doors and no walls, just a hole slightly higher up than the showers. Usually nobody stares. But of course when it is a foreigner everybody does…aaarghh! My only retaliation means is to stare when THEY pee. Sometimes it is really funny: today this woman was showering and she squatted down to pee with all the foam on her hair and body.
I had a point to this… oh yes: i have to disagree with the pensionner in the article: toilets ARE part of the image of a country. For once, I really don’t mind the Chinese making hygiene a matter of face.

November 17, 2004 @ 5:50 am | Comment

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