Third debate like the second

Kerry wins, bush gets by okay simply by emerging alive. He still blinked and smirked, and if he were judged by normal standards he’d get a C — still his best performance so far. The media will most likely call it a draw. Kerry was superb throughout, but unfortunately there was no “You’re no John Kennedy” moment.

Just heard Karen Hughes ranting on CNN about how glorious bush is. If there’s anyone in whose mouth I’d love to struff a rag, it’s she.

Oh, good — CNN is playing the bush clip from last year in which he says he’s “not that concerned” about Osama! Hoisted on his own petard. Sweet.

UPDATE: Looks like I was wrong. The pundits are saying this was a huge victory for Kerry, who Bill Schneider (!) on CNN just called “the clear winner.”

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be prepared for an onslaught of bush-related education joke!

somehow, all other problems are reducible to education.

minimum wage? it’s education.
outsourced jobs? it’s education.

it was pathetic.

October 13, 2004 @ 11:05 pm | Comment

you know, bush can perform better or perform worse. But when you look at him over three debates, you had three different Bush’s. You had train-wreck disaster Bush in the first debate, you had furious george in the second and you had happy mcsmirk in the third.

While Kerry was basically the same guy throughout. I thought this was his best debate performance, but still, he was the same person. he projected the same sort of character. And I think over time people saw that this is a strong, steady guy. So even though bush performed better this debate, by now you’ve had three debates seeing Kerry, who is consistent. And I think people are liking what they’re seeing.

October 13, 2004 @ 11:47 pm | Comment

Kerry is amazing! He doesn’t flinch! He just tells it as he sees it; There are no hard questions for him; It is obvious that he is an intelligent, thoughtful man who can even stand up to his own church leaders! One tough man! I love it! Bush on the other hand…dances all around, turns red, and drools!

Kerry looks Bush straight in the eye and calls him on giving tax breaks to the multi-nationals who have usurped our businesses! That he is as polite as he is to Bush… is truly to his credit! As our so called businesses are in China (China by-the-way gets its oil from the Sudan…terrible connection, eh? Our leaders are sitting in the senate giving tax breaks to companies who are using oil from the Sudan for their factories in China and elsewhere!

Then he looks him in the eye and says he’s going to raise minimum wage! I was surprised George didn’t have an arrest right on stage! (Cardiac that is…) Statements like that tend to give the Republicans nightmares!!!! They can’t stand the thought of someone earning $7.00 an hour…! We must protect business at all costs!

Bush says he loves freedom…he must because he’s freed us all from our jobs! He and our leaders have freed us from employment and they are busily spreading such employment to China, India, and any other country where they can make a killing! No pun intended! Yes, freedom has such a nice ring to it! Especially at the cash register!

Now, about social security! Yes, I say we give that to big business as well! They’ve done such a good job at keeping our manufacturing jobs here in the states; I’m sure they will do as well with our social securities!

Then, of course, the issue of health care! George W Bush says Kerry’s health care plan would stink! Now, isn’t that the same plan that George and the other leaders have? A good plan for government officials , I’ve heard, but George says it wouldn’t be good for us! I think Blue Cross and Blue Shield sounds like something we need, especially if Bush stays in office for another four years!

George Bush comes across as friendly, but behind the façade is a angry child who doesn’t like it when he doesn’t get his way! If anyone has watched him in the debates with Kerry vs. how he is when he’s with a hand-picked audience… the evidence is clear! I can see why there is division with such an immature man at the helm!

What is going on in Iraq and the Sudan is something Americans, with any conscience, should investigate.

Democrats… we picked a true leader and statesman! Big business…you can have George Bush back! We don’t want him anymore!

October 14, 2004 @ 12:28 am | Comment

Honestly, I was scared to death that last night bush would win and get back his momentum. I thought that simply because he survived he’d be decared the winner. But when even Dick Morris on Faux News says Kerry was the obvious winner, my belief in an America that can thihnk for itself is restored, at least somewhat. Rove can create a beautiful package, but there’s always going to come the time when the wrapping paper is pulled away, and you can’t hide what lurks underneath — a stupid, callow, nasty little man who somehoe became king of the world. America has tasted what it’s like being led by someone intelligent and reasonable, and it’s clear they like it. We really can win.

October 14, 2004 @ 7:39 am | Comment

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