Terrorism, schmerrorism

Flightsuit boy really cracks me up:

Did a quick term count in yesterday’s “major” speech on terrorism. The results, amazingly, are even more ridiculous than I expected:

• Frequency of John Kerry (with the terms “Senator”, “Senator Kerry”, or “my opponent”): 41
• Frequency of “Saddam Hussein”: 4
• Frequency of “Al Qaeda”: 1
• Frequency of “Osama bin-Laden” or “bin-Laden”: 0

Assuming this was, as stated, a speech on terrorism, it seems quite clear that George W. Bush believes the main terrorist threat facing our country is John Kerry.

It’s further clear that Osama bin-Laden has been totally neutralized, as he didn’t merit a single mention in a 4,500+ word address on terrorism. As for Al Qaeda, they barely figure, with a pathetic single appearance, and even then only in context of how many of their leaders George Bush has (presumably, personally) killed.

And bush’s big talking point is that Kerry doesn’t understand the threat of terror.

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These speaches are not about the biggest threat to America, but to the Bush administration. Al-Quida is old news and doesn’t grab the headlines.

The war on terror is a joke, more Americans have died fighting it than have been saved by it. Al-Quida would have had to have pulled out a lot of stops to kill that many Americans, and what a surprise, now people who wern’t terrorists before have gotten in on the act.

The more Bush steps up this war the more enemies he is making.

October 19, 2004 @ 8:49 pm | Comment

But ACB, you’ve forgotten, what’s good for the Bush mis-administration is what’s good for America. If you don’t believe me, then you seriously lack faith in Bush. And creating more enemies is in the best interests of the Bush administration, and therefore in the best interests of America. Why? Because the more enemies Bush makes, the more he can use the threat of those enemies to keep America in a permanent state of fear. The more scared your average American is, the less likely they’ll want change.

Forgive me for sounding paranoid, but that certainly seems to be a part of their political theory.

October 20, 2004 @ 4:46 am | Comment

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