“Flushed with success, Beijing to host the World Toilet Summit”

That headline writer must have been very proud of himself. The story is about China’s efforts to upgrade its public toilets in time for the 2008 Olympics.

Beijing will next month showcase its highly publicized upgrading of public toilets when it hosts the fourth annual World Toilet Summit, the conference’s organizers said Thursday.

The Singapore-based World Toilet Organization, which promotes itself as a global body for co-ordinating and promoting sanitation issues, said the Chinese capital had been chosen to highlight its efforts in transforming its toilets.

“We want to showcase how a city that used to have not so good toilets can suddenly become so good, that it’s a do-able project,” World Toilet Organization founder Jack Sim told AFP.

I’ll believe it when I see it. They’ve got an awful lot of transforming to do.

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Beijing can transform its toilets as much as it wants. It’s the rest of the country I worry about.

October 15, 2004 @ 7:27 pm | Comment

This has been going on for some time…try here and this. There’s going to be plenty more things like this before 2008. Of course China has some sporting issues to worry about first.

October 16, 2004 @ 2:08 am | Comment

Heh. It is, really, not possible to do anything right when you’re not a democracy, is it?

China needs to democratize. That’s what it needs. If it does that the toilets would all magically de-shittify, all by themselves.

October 19, 2004 @ 9:31 am | Comment

Example, I am on the verge of banning you from my blog. Cut the crap.

October 19, 2004 @ 9:37 am | Comment

i peeked into the hole in a heilongjiang toilet one winter morning, and down in the massive shit room below i saw “example” himself. and as usual, he was making a lot of sense, hehe.

October 22, 2004 @ 4:30 am | Comment

that’s why he is always so full of shit….

October 24, 2004 @ 7:31 pm | Comment

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