Breaking news on bush’s entry into the Texas Air National Guard

A fortunate son indeed! This article is sure to make some waves through the blogosphere today. You have to watch a commercial, but it’s worth the 30 seconds. Will try to comment later, but now it’s off to work I go.

Via Washington Monthly, where you can find some accompanying commentary.

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Does this mean that he’s, disonest, that he’s a coward, that he abuses personal conections, that he doesn’t know how to improve the nations health, that he masterbates?

How does this help people make an informed desicion on who to vote for.

How about telling the world how the Bush Whitehouse distorts science by choosing only things that are facourable to its policies, or how AID control money from the US is targeted to abstinance groups and brand name drugs rather than condoms and generic drugs, or how groups that support abortions are blocked fro most federal funding.

How about that it has stired up so many bees nests around the world that it is now more dangerous than when America started removing dangerous leaders from power.

There is a lot wrong with the Bush administration and there are a lot of good reasons why people shouldn’t vote for him, how about somebody blogging on these issues rather than on who served where during a footnote war that isn’t even included as more than an ‘it happened, time date, next page’ in many of the worlds highschool textbooks.

Do you want this election to be remembered as the one where Ralph Nader fought the cleanest campaign.

This isn’t a political debate, its a debarcle about who can confuse the issue enough to gain the lead slot.

September 2, 2004 @ 7:46 pm | Comment

Fair points, ACB. For the past month the country has heard only about John Kerry’s alleged crimes in Vietnam, from self-inflicted wounds to total lies and fantasies. It’s dominated cable news and the front pages. bush refused to condemn the SBVFT ad and his people were financing the whole thing and fanning the flames furiously. If it was fair to focus on Kerry in the 60s and 70s it is equally fair to do likewise with bush. Even if it’s not relevant to the issues. And remember, Kerry isn’t making these charges, but reporters; they aren’t being funded by the DNC or led by Reagan’s former PR director.

I wish focus were only on what mattered. bush’s ANG days have been talked about for years, and while it’s a valid topic, especially since he points to his service as proof of his own love of country, it shouldn’t be a big issue. Nowit will be. And that’s not unfair under the circumstances. Symptomatic of the stupidity of American politics, ues, but not at all unfair.

September 2, 2004 @ 7:56 pm | Comment

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