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Simon’s roundup of Asian links has become a real class act. It’s a great tool for scanning the goings-on in the region and should be part of any Asiaphile’s daily surfing.

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Thanks Richard.

September 2, 2004 @ 9:10 pm | Comment

one small criticism – for SE Asia, particularly his country, Rajan is hardly representative. He is in a ‘minority’ (a very small one at that) that’s very pro-GOP, pro-Bush and extremely pro-Ariel Sharon and Israel.

Of course that doesn’t mean he is wrong all the time but as mentioned he is not representative of the mainstream views of his countrymen (and women). So what one gets when viewing his blog would be the views of principally one very very rare westernised and extremely pro-western (right wing faction/variety) bloke, and not those of what most people in his country feel, think and intend.

His detractors think he is a Bush and Sharon apologist, and is fairly frenzied in his spinned defence of them. I think Rajan has been deeply influenced by the romantic saga of David versus Goliath, but sometimes not really knowing who David or Goliath was/is!

On the plus side, Rajan is a 17-18 year old HSC (pre-Uni) student who is extremely well educated, knowledgeable and rather mature for his grasp of local and international affairs. He writes well, and has lots of potential. I see him with an extremely bright future in law, journalism or politics. I have no doubt he will become even better when he grows out of his stage of romanticism but without losing the driving sense of idealism.

September 4, 2004 @ 6:16 pm | Comment

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