Missing post on reform in China

Somehow I must have deleted by mistake an entire post praising Zona Europa (ESWN) for his translation of Chapter 30 0f the Chinese Peasant Survey. (If someone can remind me how to retrieve an old post via google’s cache, I’d appreciate it.)

Whether I can recover it or not, please be sure to see his translation. It reminds us that there are true reformers in China, though whether they have any clout to create meaningful change is certainly anyone’s guess. (Especially after the book was banned — a fairly meaningless gesture in terms of the book’s availability, but not a good sign for those delighted at the government’s original endorsement.)

Thinking of Wen’s efforts to make a real difference for China’s rural poor made me recall someting I wrote in a post not that long ago:

I believe now that the CCP is not monolithically evil. I know there’s a number of CCP members who truly hold a vision of a free and democratic China. Such reform-minded individuals have always been a part of the CCP. Unfortunately, they are up against a formidable entourage of party dinosaurs who cannot simply be swept under the carpet. Nice guys in the CCP always seem to finish last.

That’s what I kept thinking as I read ESWN’s great translation: The decent reformers are there, at least in terms of economics, but so often it seems the reform itself doesn’t materialize. (As far as political reform, I’ve given up for now; as we know, it’s either stalled or moving backwards, with Jiang Yanyong’s arrest just the latest painful example.)

Okay, later. Really bummed that I lost that entire post.

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Well, it looks as if Google either hasn’t cached the Duck lately or paid its last visit after the accidental deletion, because doing a host-specific search for the phrase “Zona Europa” just brings up two old entries.

July 19, 2004 @ 5:05 am | Comment

Wasn’t there a post about WW1 poets earlier, or did I dream it? I clicked on it at work, but didn’t have time to read it. And when I got home it had winked out of existence.

July 19, 2004 @ 6:06 am | Comment

Too bad about the missing post. I hope you find it. Is there a chance it could still be lurking somewhere in your database?

Well, maybe this will cheer you up.

July 19, 2004 @ 7:31 am | Comment

Thanks David, I guess it’s gone. I sent a “test” comment to the post and meant to delete the comment, and must have idiotically zapped the post instead.

Vaara, great cartoon, and Trudeau doesn’t usually mention China.

Harry, the WWI poetry post is still there.

July 19, 2004 @ 8:40 am | Comment

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