The brutalization of Sean Baker: Where are the “red” pundits?

It appears only one of the many conservative pundits out there is stepping up to the plate and condemning the incredible beating of a US soldier by other US soldiers, as well as John Ashcroft’s refusal to give Congress the Justice Department’s famous memo on torture.

Andrew Sullivan lashes out at Bush and Ashcroft today, obviously outraged at their willingness to evade and deceive. If you haven’t read of the beating of Sean Baker, see Sullivan’s account. In fact, even if you have read about it, go read Sullivan. Tell me if it doesn’t make your blood boil. I hate to say this and I know it sounds simplistic, but it really does seem that we can never believe what our government and military tell us. How can one read the post and think otherwise?

Where are the other conservatives? How come all they can talk about is Ronad Reagan? There are crimes being committed that should have true conservatives apoplectic with rage.

The Discussion: One Comment

This sounds a lot like the “keep it in house” atttitude that we heard during that case (I can’t remember the names or dates) when a homosexual sailor was beaten to death.

The navy promised a full public hearing but later closed it, and then they used one of the murderers to convict the other and let him go free rather than tell the public that two men had been involved in the beating when they had originally believed it had been the act of a sinlge person.

The army and navy have always been closed, and have always had strong political ties.

June 11, 2004 @ 1:01 am | Comment

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