Jiang Zemin pulling strings to ready VP Zeng Qinghong to take over?

Accocrding to this gossipy article, a lot of observers believe Jiang is unhappy with Hu Jintao’s performance, and wants to see Zeng replace him. It’s worth a glance, if only to see how the old players interact with one another, and to be reminded of just how much clout the lizardy Jiang still wields (not that this was ever in doubt).

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Seismic riff in CPP.

(via Peking Duck) There’s an article in the Straits Times that speculates on whether or not Jiang Zemin will ever be able to elevate his honorable lackie Zeng Qinghong to something more important than his VP status. It’s gossipy and speculative at best…

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Asia by blog

The hypertext hyperlink hyperdrive is set for another run around posts of interest in Asia. Important note: the last word of this post is breasts. Conrad shows us that maids get screwed by everyone, even their own country (he also talks about match-mak…

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From today’s NY Times (September 2):
“Power struggle in Beijing? Signs of a Hu-Jiang split ”
It leads off with:
As China’s leaders prepare to gather for a national planning session, the country’s two top officials, Hu Jintao and Jiang Zemin, are engaged in an increasingly pointed power struggle that has begun to create divisions in the one-party system, Chinese officials and analysts said.
Tension between Jiang, the country’s semi-retired senior leader who still heads the military, and Hu, who replaced Jiang as Communist Party chief and president nearly two years ago, has begun influencing debates on issues such as slowing the overheated economy, fighting corruption and assigning jobs, these people say.
The most sensitive matters are now often viewed within the party as battles between rival factions.
There are no signs that the political system has become as unstable as it was in 1989, when economic and political disputes over issues such as how to handle popular protests for democracy divided the Politburo.

you can read it at: http://iht.com/articles/536879.html

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