Media Matters’ Rush Limbaugh Ad

Just go there. (For the transcript, go here.)

David Brock has certainly hit the ground running, and Media Matters is now my third stop each morning, right after TPM and Andrew Sullivan.

And people still believe in the “liberal media” myth? As Instapuppy would say, Heh. Indeed.

The Discussion: One Comment

What gives me the giggles is reading the comments on extreme left-wing sites followed by the comments on extreme right-wing sites.

Both will rant about how the media is biased against them! In particular, after the Richard Clark tv interviews, commenters on Atrios and FreeRepublic *both* groused about how unobjective the interviewer was, and how lucky it was that people could use the web and blogs to get the “real story”.

There is only one prevailing media bias: the media is biased in favour of the media! And they will never say anything that would diminish their own importance or perceived relevance. All other biases are secondary.

May 13, 2004 @ 8:13 pm | Comment

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