Feline Trouble

Sorry that I’m not able to post much today. Yesterday one of my two cats (the only children I’m ever going to have) got terribly sick, and today it got progressively worse. An hour ago my friend and I force-fed her with pedialyte and it seemed to help a bit. But not much. My friend is more sanguine than I am, and is hoping it’s just the flu. I’m worried, though; she’s just sitting in the same spot, breathing fast and not moving.

We’ve had her since 1991. The week we adopted her she got violently sick, and we took her to the vet who recommended we put her to sleep. She had feline leukemia, and they said she’d most likely die in a few days. There was no way she could live more than a few months, they said.

I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t let her die, and then the miracle happened: Within a few says she recovered her strength, and for the past 14 years she has been in perfect health. But I suppose it couldn’t last forever.

Meanwhile, she’s hanging in there, and she even got up for a few minutes tonight and ate some food. Maybe there’ll be another miracle, and she’ll live another ten years. But she looks so weak and helpless, and I feel totally depressed. We’ll see how she’s doing tomorrow, and if there’s no improvement I’ll have to consider once again putting her to sleep.

It’s funny, how attached we get to our little pets. I can’t really imagine waking up without her jumping up to on the bed to say good morning….

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