Al Franken’s Air America and blog (The O’Franken Factor)

I hope everyone’s listening to Al Franken’s new radio station, offering badly needed relief from the tidal wave of noise coming from Limbaugh, Liddy, Mike Reagan, Mike Savage, et. al.

It’s “liberal,” but not radical or extreme. Unlike the right-wing radio nuts, Franken and Co. don’t use gutter language and gross generalities. There’s actually dialogue, an invitation to think. It’s not about riling up the listener and generating rage and feeding on prejudice. (Anyone remember Savage’s famous take on immigrants: “You open the door to them and the next thing you know, they are defecating on your country and breeding out of control.” And he is revered by many as a seer.)

And check the station’s weblog. A great take on Condi’s performance today (but I can’t figure out how to link to it, sorry).

I’m listening to a talk show on Air America right now, and I am really impressed. They actually have a sense of humor. And they’re smart.

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April 8, 2004 @ 9:56 pm | Comment

If he marry miss Stein are his childern named Franken-stein?

April 8, 2004 @ 10:21 pm | Comment

It’s funny to see the regressives* — i.e. the same people who have been predicting the imminent demise of Salon for the past three years — attempting to dismiss Air America by pointing out that its market penetration is minuscule. This is because it’s only been picked up by a few AM stations. Because it’s an unfamiliar “product” that is untested in the market. Because it’s only on a few stations.


But even the mighty Rushbo had to start somewhere. Did he have 20 million listeners during his very first week on the air? Of course quality is no guarantee of success — witness the Donahue/Savage episode on MSNBC — but I hope that the days of 100% ultra-regressive domination of the talk-radio market are over.

Naturally the regressives won’t be happy with a mere 98%, so look for advertiser boycotts, etc., to try to destroy whatever foothold Air America has earned so far.

*opposite of “progressive,” obviously. It’s what they are.

April 9, 2004 @ 4:04 am | Comment

What a great show. Everyone should listen. Totally reasonable, and truthful. And sometimes really funny.


April 9, 2004 @ 7:47 pm | Comment

Alex, it’s true. I find it addictive, in a healthy kind of way. A sublimely welcome relief from the torrent of bs from the right.

April 9, 2004 @ 9:11 pm | Comment

Love Al Franken and Randi Rhodes…who left us in FL…wish we could pick up the entire company on a FL station…Any chance .. and how soooooon???/

April 15, 2004 @ 9:45 pm | Comment

Love Al Franken and Randi Rhodes…who left us in FL…wish we could pick up the entire company on a FL station…Any chance .. and how soooooon???/

April 15, 2004 @ 9:45 pm | Comment

Love Al Franken and Randi Rhodes…who left us in FL…wish we could pick up the entire company on a FL station…Any chance .. and how soooooon???/

April 15, 2004 @ 9:45 pm | Comment

The O’Franken Factor will be a boon to the satelite radio business. As you have probably already found out there are new right “wingnut” stations already on the air. Are they running scared? They just can’t stand to not have complete control.

April 18, 2004 @ 7:40 am | Comment

K den, an’ what, we no can hear dis guy in Hilo but get redneck Radio fawteen hours a day! Hey, I oney bought ONE bes Seller een da laas twalve yeahs, and eet was “liars…etc.” by Al Franken. I like open wan fan clob foah you een Hilo, but Brah, NO CAN GET YOU ON DA RADIO HEAH! So, I leesening, but turn opp da volume, eh?

April 22, 2004 @ 4:58 pm | Comment

Dear Mr. Franken,
I have recorded a performance by Brown Anderson that you really ought to hear.
You could get it from WCHL through Christie Taylor and the technician Jesse Morefield.
919-918-2014 ext 293.
Otherwise I could send you a copy.
Of course I want to pay Brown Anderson the Cave and myself, for the work.
I’m not kidding though that you could really use this performance, and soon.
Best- Russell Scott Day of Transcendia, &
PS Pilot Shows available.

April 30, 2004 @ 4:32 pm | Comment

Dear Al,
Hope you listened to the CD I sent you after April 30th.
Work of mine that was on the & then republished on, is now possible to find if you google Transcendian War Commentary.
I am a supporter of the points of reinvention written by Andre`Lewin of the French UN Association.
Transcendia is a model nation of airports and spaceports.
A proposed schedule of programming for UNTV is available for viewing on
I encourage all who buy television from Time Warner to request UNTV, as it is only available in Manhattan.
The United Nations needs to carve out some more space in TV Land.
The UN Webcast is no substitute for television as we commonly experience it.
I need a producer for the World Work Report.
Best- Russell Scott Day

July 1, 2004 @ 12:44 pm | Comment

just found your blog,love your show,love kathern too. i wanted to make this commentawhile back during the services for REAGAN. THE MOST DISRESPECTFUL THING THAT YOU COULD EVER DO TO THE MEMORY OF RONALD REAGAN IS TO MENTION HIS NAME IN THE SAME SENTENCE WITH GEORGE W. BUSCH!!!! I JUST COULDN’T DO IT, AND I AM A DEMOCRAT!!!!

July 12, 2004 @ 12:28 pm | Comment

Where are the 2 Marks ( Marin and Riley) I loved them in the mornings. 6:am in Seattle. Now have Stephanie Miller ???

September 22, 2005 @ 10:46 pm | Comment

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