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I had the privilege of meeting Hong Kong-based blogger Simon of Simon World for cofee yesterday. Simon was kind enough to come down to Raffles Place where I work, and he can validate my story in case any of you doubted it: I really am wearing a huge disgusting splint. (Two weeks to go.)

Simon and I tend to see Asia through a fairly similar lens, although he is way more polite about certain topics than I am. This was another good example of how Living in China helps bring the blogging community together. There is no way we would have discovered one another, I suspect, if not for LiC.

Thanks again for the meeting, Simon, and I apologize for the appalling lack of taxis in Singapore, where waiting half an hour during rush hour is not at all unusual.

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Thanks – when you’re in HK next look me up. The taxis are plentiful.

Hope the arm is feeling better – can’t be long to go now!

February 17, 2004 @ 3:57 pm | Comment

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