Clark out of the race as Kerry juggernaut continues momentum

Kerry now seems invincible. And it’s a damned good thing. Time for everyone to stand together against the real opponent.

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I guess you are right although I’m still not to excited about Kerry. I just hope the Greens and Nader don’t pull another spoiler.

February 11, 2004 @ 4:59 pm | Comment

Blah. The election will be another snore affair.

February 11, 2004 @ 5:10 pm | Comment

I think (and hope) that Bush is more vulnerable on his right than Kerry is on his left.

February 11, 2004 @ 6:00 pm | Comment

I think he is Vaara. As you said here recently, it’s the economy, stupid. And that is Bush’s Achilles heel — no one is happy about his spending (except Bush and Cheney, who says Reagan proved that deficits don’t matter). The missing WMDs and his lies about his National Guard service are minor ankle-biters compared to his crusade to bankrupt America.

February 12, 2004 @ 11:48 am | Comment

After reading Drudge tonight I’m rethinking your “invincible” comment. It sure looked like it until now. Damn.

February 13, 2004 @ 1:09 am | Comment

OK, I really dont care at the moment which way the election goes, but I fail to see how this topic in itself has anything “directly” to do with China. The same goes with American opinions on gay marriages…subject of a later posting. Hate Bush? That is fine. But why vent your angst here? I like the Onion too, but how is that relevent(sp?)? I only say this because there are at least three entries that focus on the American election here. Perhaps I have just misinterpreted the site…in which case…my apologies.

February 13, 2004 @ 2:48 am | Comment

Thomas, take a look at the description of this site up on the left: “A peculiar hjybrid of personal journal, dilettantish punditry, pseudo-philosophy….” This is the dilettantish punditry part. This is not a site “about China,” though I tend to write more about China than anything else. I am very interested in US politics, so I write about it a lot. Take what you get, and thanks for reading.

February 13, 2004 @ 7:15 am | Comment

Brian, thanks for pointing me there — just what we need, another adultery scandal. American politics can be so depressing.

February 13, 2004 @ 7:19 am | Comment

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