Victim of Circumstance

I tried to post all day but apparently Hosting Matters was down much of the day.

I don’t have much time now, but I just want to tell the world that this has been the most beautiful trip. Beijing looks happier, cleaner, nicer and more humane. Could it just be me and my own mood, or can the city really have changed so much in seven moinths?

In visiting old friends, I was offered two jobs, one in Beijing and one Shanghai. Unfortunately, my loyalties lie elsewhere, namely in Phoenix. But I would be lying if I didn’t say I was damned tempted. (And still am.)

Tomorrow, the bloggers of Greater Beijing congregate in my hotel lobby and we all head off to eat (what else?) Peking duck. Some of us see the world very differently, so let’s hope we all get along. It’s going to be strange, since I have such preconceived notions of what these guys (and at least one girl, I think) are like. It will be fascinating to see what they are really like.

Okay, I’ll try to post more tomorrow, if my site’s host remains stable. It’s just so nice here. Beijing looks so beautiful….

UPDATE: Looking back a day later at this post, I see that it reeks of sentimentality. Sincerest apologies. Maybe I should delete it.

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Sounds like a blast, have fun!

December 5, 2003 @ 11:49 pm | Comment

wee sounds like fun! i hope you have a great time. take pictures please! show us the beauty!

December 6, 2003 @ 12:34 am | Comment

Cold? Please. I’ve got the flu, and even I don’t think it’s _that_ cold.

Ok, ok, I’m just trying to make fun since I can’t make it out tomorrow.

December 6, 2003 @ 12:36 am | Comment

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