HIV-carrying burglars arrested by police in China

If you think selling a mute teenager as dog meat is weird, try this:

Local police Monday detained a group of burglars including 13 HIV carriers in Hangzhou City, the capital of Zhejiang Province, east China.

It is the first time in the country that HIV-carrying criminal suspects have ever been detained by police, according to official sources.


One of the members, whose surnamed was only disclosed as Qin, told police that they had purposely injected themselves in order to contract AIDS so as to scare away police.

So far, 13 of these suspects have been confirmed as carrying the HIV virus, while some others are found to have hepatitis-b and tuberculosis.

When I lived there, I kept a tally of how many times each day I repeated the phrase to myself, “Only in China.” I’m still repeating it.

[Link via Drudge Report.]

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