LA fires keep me trapped in the US

As our plane headed for Los Angels Airport on Saturday night, the smell of burning wood suddeny permeated the cabin, and looking out the windows we saw huge red and orange flames licking the sky. It was realy quite an amazing sight, so bright and huge, totally out of control. Minutes later we were told the brush fires were so close to the airport we couldn’t land, and we were off to Las Vegas. Bottom line is that right now many hours later, I am in the Hong Kong airport, waiting for my connection to Singapore, totally zombified. At least this time I got upgraded for the 14-hour LA to HK trip; what a difference an upgrade makes.

Considering how I feel now, I probably won’t get back to writing until very late tonight or tomorrow (Wednesday). It was a great trip, one of the best I have ever had. Maybe even another landmark in a landmark-studded life.

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