Hong Kong’s Goddess of Democracy

An interesting profile of Hong Kong’s “Goddess of Ddemocracy” Audrey Eu appears in today’s Scotsman. She sounds like a true leader, despite being a lawyer:

Articulate and plain-speaking, Ms Eu has distinguished herself in the past year by highlighting to ordinary Hong Kong people the dangers of the planned law [Article 23] in clear, simple terms.

“They prefer people at the end of the day who perhaps listen to reason and would be prepared to be fair,” the former chairwoman of the Hong Kong Bar Association said during a recent interview at her office.

The article also notes the aftermath of Eu’s efforts, which has the CCP in a total tizzy:

In a sign the China-backed administration remains acutely worried about potential public unrest, a government official yesterday said it would scale back preliminary work on a huge reclamation project which conservation groups fear will ruin the city’s stunning harbour, to allow more time to discuss the plan with its opponents.

The outpouring of anger at the China-backed government rattled leaders in both Hong Kong and Beijing, who feared it may spark similar expressions of unrest elsewhere in the country.

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Watch your step Richard. It’s not like your own profession has an exactly stellar reputation. The adversarial system requires that lawyer represent unsavory clients. PR professionals suffer under no such requirement, yet even Saddam had a PR agent.

October 8, 2003 @ 5:38 am | Comment

I was being tongue-in-cheek about lawyers (as I hope everyone knows). Actually, some lawyers are totally honest. In fact, I once actually met an honest lawyer back in 1985, if I remember right….

October 8, 2003 @ 7:35 am | Comment

Don’t you have some egregious child labour exploiter or despoiler of the environment to be shilling for?

And yes, I know you are being sarcastic . . . flack.

October 8, 2003 @ 9:42 am | Comment

It’s true — lawyers, PR people and car salesmen, the world’s most despised people. And in two of the cases it’s justified.

October 8, 2003 @ 10:22 am | Comment

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