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An unusually personal and touching post on September 11 and its aftermath from my favorite online journalist, who lets it all hang out in the last paragraph. What would we do without him?

They’re reading the 3,000 names now. It’s almost impossible not to get sentimental, even from Singapore, where everyone is out tonight eating mooncake and celebrating the Mid-autumn Festival.

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I can’t agree more.


Two Years Since Sept 11, 2003: The World Slides Into Further Instability

It’s Sept 11, 2003. 2 years have lapsed since almost 3000 people died in NYC. So many events have happened since that fateful day. The attack on NYC and DC might have been an unforgettable day for most Americans in the last five decades, but consider the many related events that had happened since:

– the terrorist bombings in Israel, Bali and Jakarta

– the destruction and killings caused by Israeli repression in Palestine

– the many more Afghans and Iraqis – certainly running into 5 or even 6 digits that were killed as a result of US bombing and invasion of these countries.

– the destruction of an internationally-recognised, sovereign though repressive Iraqi regime, by a superpower in contravention of international treaties and UN principles, and using the most flimsy of reasons which has since been proven false

– the liberation of the Afghan and Iraqi people who have longed suffered under tyrannical regimes of the Taliban and Saddam Hussein.

– the plight of the Afghan and Iraqi people now suffering from political and social instability, breakdown of law and order, as well as the humiliation under the occupation of an insensitive and harsh foreign power

– growing resistance against US occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, by forces allied to Islamic fundamentalists and terrorists, leading to an even more powerful Al Qaeda, which ironically the US wanted to crush.

– worsening world economy and growing threat of religious fundamentalism and terrorism

Which are good news, and which are bad news? Everything seems to be going downhill…

September 11, 2003 @ 4:18 pm | Comment

What do you think of this? It urges America to learn from Asia and move on, but it seems that the author has overlooked the ongoing spats within Asia, such as between India and Pakistan and within Sri Lanka.

September 12, 2003 @ 9:08 am | Comment

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