Out of it

I nearly collapsed today after work, with a fever and muscle aches, and there is no way I can blog. I’m pretty certain it’s the flu. There’s never a good time to get sick, but this is catastrophic — I am scheduled to go to Kuala Lumpur in a few days to give an all-day workshop on crisis management, and I had planned to write it all today and tomorrow. Talk about a crisis; and I have no idea how I’m going to handle it. Anyone want to fill in for me?

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I am sorry you’re sick. Rest is essential. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you get better.


September 8, 2003 @ 1:33 pm | Comment

My hands are full.

Get well soon.

September 8, 2003 @ 2:01 pm | Comment

Keep up the good work and hope you get better soon!

September 8, 2003 @ 6:47 pm | Comment

Got your message yesterday about “The Star” article. Thanks. I look forward to whatever you have to say. But, please don’t worry about us fans–just take care of yourself so you’ll be ready and able for your crisis management talk.

September 9, 2003 @ 4:33 pm | Comment

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