It’s 1:40 in the morning in Singapore and I just can’t fall asleep. Maybe I can blog myself to sleep; god knows, I’ve done it to others.

My trip to Hong Kong was illuminating. I spoke to a few Westerners there and was amazed at their gloomy outlook for the future of the SAR. I was also reminded of just how fundamentally different Honkies are from Singaporeans. This hit me the minute I took my first ride in the subway there and counted no fewer than 11 commuters yakking on their mobile phones. Loudly. Proudly. They just don’t do that in Singapore. Lots of things like that, from the way they walk up escalators to the way they cross the street to the way the taxis drive. More on these topics after I get some sleep. I am not looking forward to the alarm clock going off tomorrow morning.

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