Brainysmurf gets a facelift

Check out Adam’s sandbox, Brainysmurf, which now has a new face. While we’ll all miss that picture of Adam munching on a chunk of chicken at the Tianjin cafeteria, the new look is really nice.

Update: Adam, you need to fix those “Voices of Perspective” links!

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The pic is still there in the about me section. Thanks for the note.

August 14, 2003 @ 2:46 pm | Comment

Yeah, I particularly like the picture of Adam eating chicken at the Cultural Palace. I should. I took it. I’m Adam’s Dad. I was on holiday from my tedious job in PA, and we stumbled on to this great open market. We actually went back for the beggar’s chicken. I have the picture on my desktop, and I show it when I do seminars. Often I am asked if he’s eating dog. Such is the mindset of the average American.
Thanks for the good work you do.

John “the baba” Morris

August 17, 2003 @ 1:05 am | Comment

Hello, Mr. Adam. Your son is doing a great job with his sites. Just tell him not to be so argumentative and to acknowledge that I am usually right when I take issue with him.

August 17, 2003 @ 2:58 pm | Comment

You haven’t seen argumentative yet buddy.

August 18, 2003 @ 2:08 pm | Comment

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