My sons, my sons….

Wow. Hauntingly beautiful post on the death of the Brothers Hussein, the butchers of Baghdad, as seen through the eye of their loving dad. Unforgettable.

[Via the foreign devil of HK.]

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Well, they are dead, but are they? It seems that Americans main enemies are still present and they are intent on getting every one of them.

I’m not into Bush and I think he should clean up shit at home such as the US economy and stuff. As they say, wipe your own shit first, before wiping other people’s shit. People there in his home country have a lot of problems to face and he’s wasting tax payers money…… fuck it.


Slowly improving my english day by day.

July 24, 2003 @ 5:58 pm | Comment

Edwin- I’m to gather by recent comments that you are not an American citizen. I can respect your dissenting opinion of our President, but I find it odd you state he is wasting our tax dollars. Though we may not all agree, a large percentage of our population has supported the said use of our tax dollars; that’s the way the system works. I find this statement curious in light of the fact that you would seek an H1B visa to come to the United States. Perhaps I’m overgeneralizing from your comments, but your motives are not clear.
(As a side note, it appears your English has “improved” dramatically as you can obviously use two popular swear words with ease in your writing. What’s up with that?)

It certainly appears they are dead. That was an amazing post you linked to, Richard. I think I am in the camp that Saddam will take his own life, or perhaps someone close to him. I don’t see why it matters as to how he dies, there is no appropriate retribution or satisfaction for anyone else to take his life or “torture” him as others have suggested. Perhaps I’m bowing out of the debate too soon, but I am ready for Iraq to take care of itself, be forever rid of Saddam and forget him.

July 24, 2003 @ 8:22 pm | Comment


I seek the H-1B visa to work in a county hospital/free clinic/ghettos helping patients that HMO and Medicare doesn’t pay for ๐Ÿ™‚

Well, one of americans enemy is down – compare Bush and Clinton. I felt Clinton made more progress at home – economy, employment, education…. americans I speak to tell me their tax payers $ is wasted on buying bombs to kill someone.

My ideal is simple – Kill someone if you know it’s going to kill you soon. But make sure you got your own shit cleared up first.

My 1 cents worth.

So 2 Saddam sons dead, any new enemies of US coming up soon?

On my swear words – hey, my English isn’t good – but I can swear a lot ๐Ÿ™‚ That’a American-ya all ๐Ÿ™‚


Slowly but surely improving my english…

July 25, 2003 @ 2:46 am | Comment

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