I always thought Dorothy Rabinowitz

I always thought Dorothy Rabinowitz was the best of the conservative pundits, not just in terms of style (and she is unsurpassed) but in terms of getting her point across, which she does with a subtle irony that has become her signature. Still, she is a die-hard conservative — she broke the story of accusations that Clinton had raped a woman many years back –and I wondered how she would react to Ann Coulter’s book, which will no doubt soon be a best seller.

Rabinowitz’s review is priceless, practically perfect. I believe her one error (or at least a lapse in judgement) is referring to Coulter as “the Maureen Dowd of conservatives,” implying that the real Dowd is a flaming liberal, which is patently false. Bitchy, cloying, annoying, at times stupid — but no one was as vicious to Clinton during the scandal than Dowd. She’ll go after anyone, and her liberalism is no parallel to Coulter’s conservatism. The comparison also implies that Dowd writes a lot of falsehoods, which I also think is inaccurate. I know of one case where she abused a quote, but I have never heard her accused of writing outright and deliberate lies, Coulter’s trademark.

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Hi…. Do you have any information on how I can be in touch with D. Rabinowitz…eg her email address, etc…. I live in Spain… and have tried to find a way to contact her…. to no avail. Just thought I would ask

May 12, 2005 @ 5:11 am | Comment

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