Looking at virtually all of Josh Marshall’s columns of the past several days, it would appear that Cakegate (did I invent that or is it already being used in the US?) is the hottest story in town and could be with us for a long time.

I really think there is a lesson here about how GWB operates and thinks, the duplicity and the weaselishness with which he tries to wiggles out of the whole he’s dug for himself. I’m not saying the story is unimportant. Unfortunately, I really can’t imagine this issue taking America by storm. It may delight some bloggers and intellectuals and anyone who wants to see Bush besmirched, but I still don’t see any crime other than lying about one item on a very long list of items (reasons to invade Iraq). It just underscores what we already know about Bush & Co.

This is my perspective from many thousands of miles away. Is America outraged by this, or is it just grist for the boggers’ mill? Watergate had actual crimes involved, a vast web of lawbreaking and deception. Is Cakegate perceived in the US to be on that level? Can it escalate to that? It’s sure getting a lot of coverage on the BBC (surprise, surprise) but, again, I can’t tell how shaken up the American public is about it. My guess is, not much, but I could be wrong….

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