Attack of the PR people

Ominous post from InfoWorld’s Jon Udell (courtesy Scripting News) about the further (ab)use of tools like RSS feeds by those bloodsucking, unctuous, hypocritical, shameless, duplicitous, conscienceless, paid-to-lie slimeballs whom we blandly refer to as “PR professionals.”

Of course, being a PR professional myself, I can safely say that most of them really are all of the above. The good ones, like me, are kind, compassionate, sensitive, creative, well-read, articulate, open-minded, forward-thinking, slightly quirky and generally delightful people. The problem is, at last sighting there were about 19 of the good ones left walking the planet and millions of the others.

One day, when I am not working in the industry, I will write my expose.

Anyway, as I posted earlier (can’t get the link thanks to the Great Firewall), it was only a matter of time before the industry sharks descended on innocent bloggers, coming up with ways to “nudge” them into mentioning their clients’ products and services. “Hey, Andrew, as you write about the great victory in Iraq, you might want to let your readers know that those missles were built by Raytheon….” Expect to see more and more of this, ye who run the Big Blogs.

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Abundance, like want, ruins many.

April 19, 2005 @ 1:33 am | Comment

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