It is always reassuring to

It is always reassuring to see that Andrew Sullivan has not been so blinded by his adoration of President Bush that he cannot see his weak spots. Sullivan very soberly comments on Bush’s Achilles heel:

“It’s the economy, smarty-pants. No, not the growth rate which the public is smart enough is not amenable to easy manipulation. Not even the unemplyment rate, which may well recover after the war. I mean the explosive rate of current government spending and the president’s utter insouciance about how to pay for it. I’ve been trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, but his latest budget removes any. He’s the most fiscally profligate president since Nixon. He’s worse than Reagan, since he’s ratcheting up discretionary spending like Ted Kennedy and shows no signs whatever of adjusting to meet the hole he and the Republican Congress are putting in the national debt.”

Like father, like son? In four separate pieces, Sullivan goes on to pick apart his majesty’s “fiscal policy” (i.e., spend a lot of money). A very refreshing balance to his recent drum beating and proof that he’s still a must-read.

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