Shiny, happy people? Lead story

This was the lead headline on the front page of China Daily yesterday:

Industry Outlook Cheerful
Nearly all key industrial sectors to sustain robust, rapid growth

It’s good to know that things are going so swimmingly here in the People’s Republic. And it’s not as if most industries might grow fast and strong — they will, according to the cheerful subhead. No matter what.

China Daily is almost always cheerful. A couple of weeks ago a headline cheerfully chirped that a new survey shows, “Majority of Chinese People Are Happy.” That is so good to know. I mean, unhappy people are such a downer. Looking at a lot of the faces I see on the street, I have to wonder about the polling science the paper used, but maybe it’s just that a lot of the minority hangs out in this part of town.

The media. Always a fascinating subject here. Most of the TV channels are part of the CCTV network and again, it seems that everything they show us is cheerful and happy. I’ve noticed that news programs sometimes run little features on an event that “proves” how successful socialism has been here, and out of nowhere, uplifting, patriotic music will start to play stirringly in the background. On a news show.

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