New Year’s Rez

Office was quiet the day after New Year’s Day. Just to make the new year more memorable, the powers that be decided to make the Beijing weather just a little worse than normal, sending a biting wind storm through the city in the late afternoon. People were walking with their backs to the wind to spare their faces from the slicing gusts. “And I think to myself, what a wonderful world….”

I read Andrew Sullivan and InstaPundit and Gweilo Diaries and China Hand and various other blogs regularly, and I sometimes feel an urge to get back into my journalist mode, to be the muckracker I once was in Maryland and even in New York, when I had my few seconds of notoriety appearing on what was then MacNeil-Lehrer Report. And then there were all the letters I got into the Arizona Republic. But as I grow old approach middle age, I find it more of an effort to raise hell and to question the established paradigms. Well, I keep questioning, but I don’t do it on paper, cyber or otherwise, anymore. Maybe turning this into a pundit site instead of a cathartic but self-absorbed mirror would be healthier. Can I manage to co-mingle the two? Would that be “diluting the brand” as we marketers say?

So my perennial New Year’s Resolution — to go to the gym once a week — was lived up to yesterday, when after work I went straight to the gym. Of course, I pulled my back within just a few minutes and the pain 14 hours later is atrocious. I may go to a Chinese doctor today if the misery doesn’t recede. I also kept my second resolution, to write in this thing daily. So be forewarned.

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