North Korean “Princeling” partying in Macau

If your father was the secretive dictator of a pariah state, where would you go? Well, first you might try Disneyland and if that doesn’t work….why not hang with your buddies in Macau? Tim Johnson at China Rises has a great account of Kim Jong-il’s son Kim Jong-nam as the latter parties in the Asian gambling mecca. Apparently the 35-year old Jong-nam is on the outs with the family Kim back in Pyongyang and has also had a little recent financial trouble with some Hong Kong banks. Seoul newspapers report that now Kim Jong-nam has “hooked up with Chinese ”princelings,’ or offspring of Communist Party bigwigs, namely former President Jiang Zemin, in business deals. The group is colloquially called Taizidang, or the ‘princeling’s’ clique.'” Now that’s a KTV party, pass the cognac and kimchi.

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I recommend this short movie which mocks Kim Jong Il and his special agents for buying Hennessy XO abroad :=)

The full 30-minute movie can be watched and downloaded (in WMV or Flash format) at:

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