A Game of iPhone

The speculation of Apple making an iPhone – iPod plus mobile phone equals must have Apple gadget 7.0 – has been frothing on the ‘net lately. Now there’s a rumor that Foxconn has gotten the order for 12 million iPhones. This would be interesting for two reasons:

1) It would mean Apple decided not to go with its ROKR partner Motorola, to whom it licenses iTunes for mobile phones.

2) It would mean Apple decided to stick with Foxconn, which y’all have heard of because they sued Chinese journalists in a PR nightmare scenario.

Where’s the rumor from? Well, Wired told me they got it from CNN who told me they got it from Digitimes.com who said they got it from the “Chinese Language Commercial Times”. I can only assume they mean the 工商时报 and they indeed have this article, which I believes says the order has gone through and the iPhone will have a 2 megapixel camera as well. I think; translation help?

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