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Another classic from the best laowai complaint site in the China blogosphere. This one’s on a topic close to my heart. I remember my first day on the job in Beijing, when my new boss told me how I must never expect requests to be fulfilled by my staff the way I would in other countries. Anything that I assumed would be included that I didn’t specifically spell out would simply not be there. If I didn’t keep pushing, they might just quietly ignore the whole thing and hope it might go away. Etcetera.

I had some sensational employees who I’m good friends with even now. But sadly, there were enough who fit my boss’ description, as well as Talk Talk China’s. I don’t attribute this to laziness or stupidity, but to the way they are educated, to follow the teacher’s every word, read what’s written on the board and avoid at all costs any attempts at critical thinking or independent problem solving. Like just about every past trend in China, this one’s geting better, too. But reading the post in question, I see the same challenges I faced in 2002 are alive and well, to the letter.

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