Chinese Corruption Kills! (In a fun kind of way)

If you have to die, why not do so while you’re having a blast?

Even by the standards of a country obsessed by banquets and plagued by corruption, the corporate hospitality that killed Zhang Hongtao was on the excessive side.

After a month-long wining-and-dining marathon – interrupted by massages, card games, sightseeing and the occasional morning of work – the county auditor from Yanshan in northern Hebei province succumbed to alcohol poisoning, according to local media reports.

The story might have died with him in April were it not for subsequent revelations that the fatally lavish binges were paid for by the company he was supposed to be inspecting, Yanshan Power Supply.

This is via one of the very greatest blogs on China that should be a part of your daily China surfing. In the same post, up at the top, the blogger shows how Hu, for all his bluster, definitely sees corruption and the environment as taking second fiddle to the all-important goal of maintaining “harmony and social stability” – code for keeping the CCP firmly in control so they can keep enjoying their obscene perks.

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