The Gate of Heavenly Peace

Commenters in the last thread asked where they could buy a copy of this controversial video, and the people who made the film have replied:
I understand you’d like information on purchasing copies of our film,
The Gate of Heavenly Peace. In the US, it’s distributed by the Center
for Asian American Media (formerly NAATA), based in San Francisco.

Here’s their Gate page:

The Center also distributes Morning Sun, which (unlike Gate) is on
DVD as well as VHS, and is available for home video use.

Outside of the US, here’s who to contact:

Gate —
Morning Sun —

Hope this helps….

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Excellent documentary.

My professor showed it for Chinese History 425. I’d like to remind people that while it is fairly accurate in regards to the events that took place, there’s also a very bias tone taken by those producing it. (Just pay attention to the music being played during various scenes).

Definitely worth watching though.

January 9, 2006 @ 7:54 pm | Comment

Well, it seems the Eberts, et al. of China give it two thumbs down as every provided link is blocked from my little corner of the Middle Kingdom.

January 9, 2006 @ 8:31 pm | Comment

Too bad you can’t access the links – google it, there are trillions of articles about it, pro and con. The best I ever read was in the Village Voice – I’ll try to dig up the link.

Many argued the film was too critical of the students. But I think over time it’s been pretty well established that the event wasn’t quite as black and white as we were originally led to believe.

January 9, 2006 @ 8:57 pm | Comment

I’ve gotta look for a more budget option. Am I looking at this wrong, or would it cost 250 to purchase? Maybe it’ll be at my local library when I get back to the States. Saw it before, probably 8 years ago, but would love to see it again, now that I am no longer a college freshman and am a little more informed about China.

January 9, 2006 @ 9:08 pm | Comment


Email me and I will send you a link to software that will enable you to entirely bypass the Great Firewall.

January 9, 2006 @ 9:12 pm | Comment

To obtain it I have to buy a copy from the UK address BUT they only have it as a VHS cassette, not DVD- I don’t have a machine it play it on!

January 13, 2006 @ 11:16 pm | Comment

If you’re in China and need to get around blocked websites, you might try: OR

I would be interested in knowing if these are still accessible within China.

I haven’t seen the “heavenly peace” documentary (I missed the showing on PBS); and the AAM site still charges too much for its purchase, but I know enough of China and the “China watchers” to have an extremely good guess what the bias in the documentary is. The producer of the movie is the daughter of William Hinton, the late author of the book “Fanshen”. If you haven’t read it, its a glowing account of the CCP and the land reform that they conducted in a village near Shanghai back in the 50’s. You rarerly hear of American marxists like this guy who spoke of the good things that happened during the Cultural Revolution. When I was in China in 1981, all the Chinese I spoke with told me the shit they went through just to survive. The CR was in some ways a civil war.

Hinton must have lived in a complete bubble during his stay there. I thought it was funny when he went there during the Tiananmen incident and denounced the leadership as “facists”. Facists? Might as well call them what they are: dyed in the wool totalitarian COMMUNISTS. Whenever two communists are in disagreement with one another, they will inevitable denouce the other as being “facists”. It’s the only card they can conveniently lean on. And if it gets even worse than that they start pulling out the guns.

Too bad Hinton is around any more. I would have dropped him off Pyongyang and so that he could enjoy the “People’s Paradise of North Korea”!

If you know of a cheaper place to purchase the “heavenly gate” video I would appreciate it very much.


July 11, 2006 @ 1:29 pm | Comment

“Too bad Hinton is NOT around anymore” Pardon for the mispelling above.

July 11, 2006 @ 1:41 pm | Comment

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