While rallying US troops heading off to lend a hand (or a leg, or a head) to Boy George’s excellent adventure in Iraq, General Sanchez’s tongue worked a bit faster than his brain.

“A daunting task lies ahead, but I have no doubt you are well-trained,” said Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, V Corps commander since 2003, who spent a tumultuous year in Iraq. He told the soldiers that conditions there have changed, and although ultimately Iraq has a “prosperous future,” its current condition is problematic.

“The country’s on the verge of a civil war,” he said, and told the soldiers the mission now is to transfer responsibility for Iraq stability to Iraqi troops, including what he said had been “neglected police capacity.”

Oh dear. I though the “civil war meme” was something uttered only by deranged liberals and lunatic Bush haters on crack. The truth slips out in the funniest ways sometimes.

Via LGF Watch, one of my favorites.

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In an interview with NBC news to promote his new book on Iraq, Paul Bremer replied, “We really didn’t see the insurgency coming” in response to a question about who was blame for the post-invasion bloodshed.

Amazing. If Bremer is lying, then he is just making the Bush regime looking incredibly stupid.

January 6, 2006 @ 3:47 pm | Comment

The civil war is already going on. The Sunni terrorists are regularly bombing shiite mosques, markets, and even funerals. In response Shiite militias are tracking down and killing Sunni insurgency sympathisers. It is a small scale civil war that will continue whether we stay or pull out .

January 6, 2006 @ 10:25 pm | Comment

“We really didn’t see the insurgency coming”

Maybe he should have paid more attention in history class, the only noteworthy invasions in recent years that didn’t lead to insergencies were Germany and Japan, and in both cases the ordinary people were so war weary, and so disalusioned with their governments that they welcomed the US in as liberators rather than invaders.

Did he honestly think that a counry with as defiant a heart as Iraq, and with so many muslim neighbors, would just role over and welcome Bush in as the new Macauther?

January 8, 2006 @ 4:42 am | Comment

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