What will Charles Johnson have to say about this?

This beautiful, heartbreaking story goes so contrary to Charles’ life-guiding equation (the shorter version of which is, “Muslims bad”).

The family of a Palestinian boy killed by Israeli troops have donated his organs to be used for transplants in
Israel, voicing hope that the life-saving gesture could bring peace a little closer.

Soldiers shot and critically wounded 13-year-old Ahmad al-Khatib last week on a raid into the West Bank city of Jenin to look for militants. The army said troops mistook Khatib’s toy gun for a real weapon.

Khatib died of his wounds in an Israeli hospital. After consulting with Muslim authorities, his family decided to give his organs to six Israelis awaiting transplants.

“We are doing it for humane purposes and for the sake of the world’s children and the children of this country,” Khatib’s father Ismail told Reuters on Monday.

“When I donated my son’s organs I did not say (they should be) for a Jewish child, an Arab child, whether Muslim or Christian.”

Somehow I suspect we won’t be reading this in Chucky’s daily rant against the Muslim “beasts.” It so does not fit with his site’s tortured conviction that every Moslem is a terrorist.

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