Flying the Communist China flag – in Taiwan

I guess it takes all kinds. The Taiwanese CCP enthusiast reveres Mao Zedong, which doesn’t surpirse me. To each his own.

Thanks to the reader who sent the link.

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Great news. Actually I could have been the first to send you this one – I found it at BBC pretty early. But I thought if we keep on this way, Peking Duck would become too China-Taiwan issue centric. Looks liek you don’t mind.

January 14, 2005 @ 7:56 pm | Comment

Fun article. I do find it amusing that the law they’re trying to ban him with is:
a) A law against communism and *secessionists*. Wonder whether the DPP & TSU are the next two organisations to be dealt with?
b) Already found to be unconstitutional by Taiwan’s high court
(Incidentally, bellevue, this is the law i was talking about in a previous thread; it was enacted when martial law was lifted (1987?) as a sort of martial-law-lite)

January 14, 2005 @ 10:41 pm | Comment

David: I wasn’t aware of that one (martial-law-lite).

I think communism is perfectly legal in Taiwan – there is a Taiwan Communist Party. And the Labor Party there is also strongly Beijing-leaning.

Liberal democracy is Taiwan’s greatest defense. Taiwan differentiates itself from China with its open and free society. I hope Chen is not stupid enough to destroy it and play to Beijing’s hand.

January 15, 2005 @ 1:16 am | Comment

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